How to securely run your programs securely using Sandboxie

Have you been worried that downloading unknown programs from the internet might harm your computer? Does malware, adware or viruses frequently affect your computer? A program called Sandboxie runs programs in a virtual sandbox so that your system stays protected from unknown downloaded programs.

Sandboxie is a Shareware for Windows developed by Ronen Tzur that runs your programs in sandboxed mode and restrict their data access within specified bounds. It also isolates the sandboxed programs from other areas of the hard drive. The data within a virtual sandbox also stays in one place, thus avoiding fragmentation. Programs containing malware running inside Sandboxie will not be able to affect system files because the data outside the sandbox is unreachable to it. Thus Sandboxie provides isolated sections inside the hard disk where unfamiliar programs can be run safely. It groups sandboxed data together and makes it easy to delete them all at once.

Running the web browser inside Sandbox traps all downloaded software in a sandbox which can be run safely and discarded later on. All web browsing history, cookies, bookmarks and temporary files stay sandboxed away unavailable to the Windows system. Email attachments that may contain malware cannot affect other programs working outside Sandboxie. And most importantly, Windows remains clean and runs faster.

The setup is a small file and it downloads and installs in seconds. The registered version allows multiple sandboxes to be created and run on the same machine. It also removes the annoying prompt telling you to buy the product every time you run the (unregistered) program. However, the free program is also available for non commercial purposes but  can only run one sandboxed window.

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