How to sign up for instagram online (PC / Computer)

If you are fascinated by Instagram, you may already know that in order to use this great photo editing app, it is mandatory that the users should have an Instagram account. And unlike other services, an Instagram account can only be created by people who use the Instagram app on their iOS and Android devices. There is no Facebook login, and no web sign up option. Hitting the URL from your web browser returns a “Page Not Found” error. The only way to officially sign up for a new Instagram account is through the iOS or Android app. Let us see how to register for a new Instagram Account. We’ll also explore a way to create a new Instagram account without an iPhone or Android.

How do i Sign Up for instagram online (new process)

Create an Instagram Account from iOS and Android Devices

If you already own an iPhone, iPad or any other iOS or Android device, signing up for a new Instagram account is easy. The below steps will show you how to register for a new Instagram Account.

  1. Download and install the Instagram app from the App Store (for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android powered devices).
  2. Launch the app and tap on the “Register” button.
  3. Provide a username and password and create your Instagram profile. You may also import profile information from Facebook.
  4. Tap “Done” to save your details and to create your new Instagram account. And congratulations, you have successfully registered on Instagram.

Sign up for Instagram without an iPhone or Android device

Unfortunately, Instagram officially allows new users to be registered only through their Android and iOS apps. But due to the huge popularity of Instagram filters and its social networking features, many users have tried to register for a new Instagram account online from computers. Evidently, these users possessed neither an iPhone/iPad nor an Android device. They just wanted to use the app online through web browsers.

Fortunately, it is also possible to create Instagram account without the need any of these mobile devices. It is also possible, similarly, to access your Instagram account and do everything you could do with the official Instagram app; and you won’t have to depend on your mobile devices to use the app.

The trick is to create a virtual environment that is capable of running the Instagram app. There are a few such Android emulators and Android App Players available on the Internet. One such popular program is the BlueStacks App Player. BlueStacks can be installed on any computer or device running on Mac OS or Windows and can run any Android app.

Register for instagram account through computer (Mac/PC) Online

  1. First, download and install BlueStacks App Player on your Mac or PC.
  2. Next, search and install the Instagram app within BlueStacks.
  3. Now launch Instagram inside BlueStacks and follow the same steps (mentioned above) to register a new Instagram account.
  4. For more details on how to sign up for Instagram online through computer, you can follow this article.

Create your own Developer account on Instagram

Earlier, we have published an article that described a process to sign up for a new Instagram account through a developer account. Though this process no longer works, you can now use an existing Instagram account to register for a Developer account. If you don’t have a suitable mobile device to create a new account, you can go ahead with the alternative process described earlier in this article.

Once you are a registered Instagram user, you can register for a developer account and build your own apps that use the Instagram API. To register as a developer on Instagram, just sign in to your Instagram account and go to the Developer Registration page. Here, you need to register the app developed by you. Instagram will assign a unique OAuth client ID to your application. Instagram users can then authorize your app with Instagram. Once that is done, you are all set to make calls to the various elements of the Instagram API with your OAuth credentials and do more with your apps.

Easiest way to sign up for a new Instagram account

If all else fails. you can always create a new Instagram account from your friend’s mobile device (no kidding!). If your friend does not have Instagram installed on his/her iPhone, iPad or Android device, you can go ahead and install it on the device and follow the same steps to create a new Instagram account. If Instagram is already installed and your friend is already logged in, you can launch the app and log out first (Go to Settings > Scroll down and tap Log Out). Once you have logged out of your friend’s account, you will be able to see the “Register” button. Follow the same steps to mentioned earlier to register for a new account. And remember to take your friend’s permission before you make any changes on his device!

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